Doctor Recommends HCG Injections

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HCG InjectionsWhy do I recommend HCG for my patients? Namely, because it works. It is the most effective form of weight loss I have seen in my 15 years of practice. When patients come in to my office, one of the major complaints I hear is “what can I do about my weight gain”? Most people feel as though they are eating healthy, exercising enough, and making wise choices. They don’t understand how they could gain 10 pounds in a year. It is quite simple. If you consume 500 calories or more than you need per day, then you may gain one pound per week. That adds up quickly. How often do people splurge and lose track of those additional calories?

As a physician, when faced with that question, I usually discuss calorie restriction and regular exercise. Most patients have heard those same recommendations year after year. And they are appropriate, sound recommendations. It is the right way to live a healthier life. But how many people actually adhere to these recommendations and achieve their goals? People often have the best intentions but are uncommitted or become distracted. They are faced with many challenges and obstacles, and need support and guidance from their physician. Usually, patients are simply told what they need to do but they are left with many questions and not enough time to get answers or solutions.

HCG, under proper medical supervision, provides strong positive reinforcement of those lifestyle changes. While following a low calorie diet and prescription HCG injections, patients see that they can be successful at weight loss. They can lose up to three quarters of a pound per day. The resultant weight loss has a very strong psychological impact, giving back control to the patient. HCG does not substitute for healthy lifestyle changes, but it sure helps motivate that individual when they see that they can control their weight again.

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